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Co-created with my ex-partner, Seth Witucki, who inspired this game. Follow Seth on Instagram @dorkbot5000.

Designed for those days where you feel less like a person and more like a wizard whose remaining spell slots are quickly depleting. There are some days where you might have the wherewithal to perform second-level spells to take care of yourself, maybe first-level -- or maybe only cantrips. Take a long rest and roll a d6 to do something easy, painless to help you regain your spell slots.

No matter what happens, you've got this.


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Got this for a friend and they enjoy the gamification of those difficult days and the way it can be a framework to restructure for specific things in the future! 

Simple, straightforward, and introduces some creativity to the bad days

Soooooo Lucky Newt Games mentioned this on Twitter and sine then I bought the Solo but Not Alone 2 bundle for it, then gifted a bundle to someone else because of it. It's magnificent and so simple yet so powerful, thank you for making it!


Thanks for the kind words, Beth! I didn't even know they were doing round 2 on the Solo bundle, but I'm glad it's reaching more people and I hope it makes the low energy days more manageable <3


It's working wonders so far! Since then I've sent another person here to get the game because it's so easy yet so encouraging. Just roll a die and choose from so many options :D

I'm so excited about this game. I've been using the term Spell Slots instead of spoons for nearly a year now, so to see it used in a game that could help on those days when I don't have many spell slots left is super neat! Thanks to you and the co-creator for making this <3


Thanks, Lucky! It's gotten me through tricky days where I needed to do something, but couldn't sort what. A little gamification goes a long way ;

It's a gentle way to nudge oneself towarsds getting things done.

I'm not joking when I say: this is genius and revolutionary. Congrats!

my exact reaction to this: i'm not excited for the days when i'll need it, but i'm absolutely hype to have it when i need it <3

Honestly this is great. Not only is it just a super nice little self-care ritual of a game, it's beautifully and cleanly formatted and presented. Big ups on this one.

Absolutely incredible. 5/5 stars.